Sidewalks & Steps

Entrances are the first thing you see when entering a person's home. The beauty of rubber surfaces stands out compared to traditional surfaces such as concrete. With the ability to provide a variety of colours to match the exterior and surroundings of your home, sidewalks and steps can quickly become a showpiece. So when you're considering a home improvement project, don't forget about rubber sidewalks and steps. Eliminate all the imperfections of concrete steps and go with a beautiful seamless rubber surface.


The Benefits of Pro Rubber Paving

Besides the beauty of rubber paving, there are many other benefits to it.

Avoid Ice Buildup

You no longer have to worry about ice adhering to your sidewalk and steps. Ice on a rubber surface is easy to remove with a shovel.

Hide Cracks & Shifting

The nature of the rubber product allows cracks and uneven surfaces to be filled, levelled and seamless.

Custom Colours

There are a wide variety of coloured options that can be matched to the exterior of your home.

Safer Entrance

Rubber surfaces are soft and non-slip making your entryway Safer.


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